Dublin Fringe Highlights

I got an email this morning with highlights from this year’s Dublin Fringe. Some great stuff in there already, with more to come when tickets go on sale on 14 August.

The hottest tickets this year will surely be for the new work from Louise Lowe, Thirteen. This is, we’re told, a “citywide exploration and interrogation of the 1913 Lockout; building each day from one to thirteen events around themes and locations associated with the dispute through site-responsive performances and installations.”

One of the most impressive features of Louise Lowe’s work over the last few years is the way she’s been able to change direction and do new things from one production to the next – while also maintaining the core integrity of her work. Really looking forward to this.

Also delighted to hear of a new work from Amy Conroy, whose I ♥ Alice ♥  I and Eternal Rising of the Sun are among the most interesting new productions of recent years. The new production is called Break and – quoting again from the press release – it “brings the audience behind the closed doors of the school staff room, exploring the complicated lives of teachers and their role within the education system”. Should be interesting, especially given that the production will happen at a time when parents are returning to school to find their kids in bigger classes than ever before. And we won’t even start talking about how difficult it is for some parents even to find schools for their kids at the moment.

I’m also very excited to hear that Nic Green will be back with a show called Fatherland. Her production of Trilogy in 2010 was one of the best things I’ve seen at the Fringe – it was so inventive and invigorating, showing that intellectual rigour and theatrical exuberance don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We’re told that the new show will ‘unearth national identities and the notion of fatherhood’.  It’s probably an oversimplification to suggest that this sounds like it’s doing for masculinity what Trilogy did for feminism and the representation of the female body. Anyway – I am looking forward to this.

Lots of other interesting things there, including a strand that ties in with the Gathering. Looking forward to finding out more on www.fringefest.com in a few weeks.


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