The crisis in theatre criticism is critics saying there’s a crisis

Great post about the future of theatre criticism from Karen Fricker…

The Mental Swoon

Mark Shenton, chairperson of the Drama section of the London (UK) Critics’ Circle, has opened another chapter in an ongoing discussion about the changing nature of theatre criticism. After Mark commented in a Stage column that there were currently ‘no jobs’ for young critics, the critic Matt Trueman responded on Twitter that Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 8.21.48 AM

Mark has written a new column in response to this, offering the familiar assertion that there are only ‘scraps’ left at the critical table, and that the burgeoning of on-line criticism, which anyone can write for free, is contributing to the demise of ‘quality journalism’. I am writing to challenge the binaries that Mark perpetuates in his piece (I use the first person because I know the parties involved).

I believe that quality criticism can happen for free and is happening for free. I believe that by applying innovation and hard work new models can be fashioned through which…

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