Post-show talk about Paul Muldoon’s INCANTATA

Opening next week at the Gate Theatre is the Galway International Arts Festival stage version of Paul Muldoon’s Incantata, starring Stanley Townsend and directed by Sam Yates. It’s a beautifully staged rendering of one of the great Irish poems of the last century – not a recitation but a fully theatricalised adaptation (as is evident from the image below).

Last summer when the show was on in Galway, I moderated a post-show discussion with Stanley and Sam. They discuss in detail how they put the show together, describing how it evolved through the initial ideas and into rehearsals. It’s a wide-ranging conversation about acting, directing, the process of adaptation, Muldoon’s poem itself, and the legacies of Mary Farl-Powers (the visual artist; also Muldoon’s former partner and the subject and dedicatee of the poem). You can listen back here:

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